Policy and Responsibilities of Research Committee


Conduct, promote, and offer a system of assistance to enhance research activities and initiate new research for the betterment of society.


1. To hold research meetings and put the recommendations into practise.

2. Identify strategies to encourage young faculty and researchers to conduct research.

3. Disseminate knowledge about the thrust areas of research and raise awareness of the funding organisations like UGC, AICTE, DST, etc. in India.

4. Explore potential collaborations with institutes and industries.

5. Arrange guest lectures to disseminate advances in research.

6. Encourage arranging conferences, seminars, symposia, and faculty development activities to disseminate knowledge on the latest scientific advancements.

7. Encourage faculty and research scholars to patent their scientific findings.

8. Encourage researchers to publish their findings in journals with a high impact factor.

9. Approve the research committee's year-end action taken report.

10. Maintain a file of records and correspondence pertinent to the research and development activities to retrieve data in future.