About Library

Welcome to the IPER Library, which is one of the central support services of IPER Wardha The mission of the IPER Library is: To provide information services and access to bibliographic and full text digital and printed resources to support the scholarly and informational needs of the Institute Community.

The IPER Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROMs, On-line databases, audio video cassettes, books, e-journals.

Objectives –

1. To find your way around the library. 2. To know the collection and services of the library 3. To use the retrieval tools for faster access to information


Working Hours of the Library –

Monday to Saturday 09.30 AM to 07:00 PM
Book- Issue & Return 10.00 AM to 05.30 PM
Lunch Break 02.00 PM to 02.30 PM

Library rules

1. Identity card to be produced by every member at the time of entering in to the library.
2. No personal belongings are allowed inside the library. They should be left at the property counter.
3. Strict silence and discipline must be observed in and around the library premises.
4. No person shall write upon, damage any book/ furniture/ property of the library.
5. The Librarian may recall back any book/ material borrowed at any time if necessary.
6. Every member should clear all the dues and obtain a ‘No dues certificate’ from the librarian, at end of every academic year. If not, he/she will not be permitted to take the final exam- You have been warned!
7. Reference books are issued only at working hours of the Library.
8. Newspaper and Magazines will not be issued and can only be consulted for reading within the Library premises.

Library Collection

No. of Titles 2878
No. of Books 10838
No. of Journals National- 19 e-journals- DELNET, K-hub- 2363
Compact Discs 391
M. Pharm Thesis 744
Project Report B. Pharm IV 473
Ph.D. Thesis 22
E-books 2841
Chemical Abstracts (1907 - 1997) 1123
Chemical Abstracts Collective indices 603
Question Papers & Syllabus

List of Books - subjectwise

SR. NO. Subject Number Of Titles Number Of Volumes
1. Pharmaceutics 579 2209
2. Pharmaceutical chemistry 557 2792
3. Pharmacology 551 413
4. Biochemistry 110 413
5. Pharmacognosy 298 1030
6. Microbiology 79 327
7. Math/Statistics & Computer science 129 484
8. Pharmaceutical Law & Management 198 787
9. General 301 647

Circulation Policies

The Library resources are issued to users for a definite period of time thereafter the returned resources will be taken back and shelved. Please find rules from library guidelines.


All the staff members and students of that current academic year are eligible for membership of library. To register yourself, please fill in the identity card available in the lending section of the library. The students should produce their college admission receipt for the respective year for verification. A recent passport sized photograph is also required.

Visitors / ex-students are permitted to use the reference section of the library on request.

Book Bank Scheme

1. Books purchased from the grants received from the Social Welfare Department are kept under this collection and is placed in the lending section of the library.
2. These books are issued to the back-ward class students.
3. Two books are issued to the students with additional borrows ticket. The issue and renewal of books is as per the normal schedule.

Library layout

The library has following sections

Section I


E-library, Photocopying, Scanning, Printing

Section II


Issue counter, Librarian’s office

Section III


Reading room - Current Journal & Magazine

Section IV


Reference room - PG student and Faculty-    

M. Pharm Thesis, PhD thesis, Project Report

Section V


Library Annex – Chemical Abstracts & Indices, Bound Volumes of Journals

Section VI


News Paper Section

Section VII


Departmental Library for M. Pharm - Q.A., Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology

Library Services

  1. DELNET, K-hub, NDL
  2. New Arrival Display
  3. Reprography
  4. User Orientation
  5. Internet
  6. Books on deposit basis
  7. Computing and Printing
  8. Book Bank Scheme
  9. Reference Collection
  10. Periodical Collection
  11. Over-night collection
  12. Chemical Abstract


Library Facilities

  1. News Paper
  2. Property Counter
  3. Circulation Counter
  4. OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue)
  5. Journal Staking Display
  6. Silent Zone
  7. Reference Section
  8. Wi-fi facility
  9. Suggestion Box Facility
  10. Open Access facility for M. Pharm Students

Library Infrastructure Photos

Library Paper

Library Notice Board

Book Issue Counter

Chemical Abstract

Departmental Library


Journal & Magazine

Property Counter

Reading Room

Reference Section

Suggestion Box