Quality Policy

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

                Well-established procedures and guidelines are used for regular maintenance of physical,academic and support facilities like laboratory, library, sportscomplex, computers, classrooms etc. and utilization record is maintained for these facilities.

                There are different committees to look after the physical and academic facilities. The committees communicate with the IQAC to synchronize proper maintenance and utilization of these facilities. The IQAC discusses the maintenance related requirements with the Head of the Institute during the College Development Committee meetings or emergency meetings are also held sometimes between the IQAC and the Head of the Institute subject to the urgency.

Maintenance of Laboratory

a. Laboratories of different departments are maintained by their respective Lab Technician and attendant under the supervision of the respective Head of the Department.
b. Daily cleaning and maintenance record is maintained by the Lab Technician of each laboratory.
c. Lab Technician of each laboratory maintains the stock register for glasswares, chemicals and instruments, which is verified at the end of the academic session by the HOD and finally compared with the central stock register.
d. Lab Technician makes entry in the Instrument Utilization Register every time the instrument is used.
e. Lab Technician communicates the requirement for Instrument repair work to the respective HOD. HOD after studying the requirement forwards it to the Head of the Institute, who allocate the budget after the approval from the Governing Body of the Institute.
f. The regular requirement for the laboratory like chemicals and glasswares upon approval by the respective HOD is entered in the central requirement register which is finally forwarded by the Principal for approval by the Governing Body. Upon approval purchasing is done.

Maintenance of Library Facilities

a. The library committee, calls requirement for books from the HOD of different departments, also considers demand placed by the students and prepares the list of new books in demand. This is then discussed in the Library Committee meeting and decision is taken based on the budget allocation,
b. Daily cleaning and maintenance register is maintained by the librarian.
c. Library utilization register with daily entry by the students and staff is also maintained in the library.
d. Verification of library books, journals and study material is done every year and record is maintained. Old and deteriorating books are sent for binding every year.

Maintenance of Classrooms

Maintenance of Classrooms is supervised by classroom in-charge. Requirement for furniture,repair work, LCD etc is submitted by the classroom in-charge to the principal. Daily cleaning register is also maintained.

Campus Cleaning

a. The cleaning and gardening staff are responsible for cleaning the campus clean.
b. NSS takes keen interest in maintaining green campus by carrying out tree plantation programmes.
c. Green campus committee ensures that proper waste disposal management practices are followed.
d. Sport Facilities
The sport committee ensures that the sport ground is regularly maintained. The sports related requirements are convey to the IQAC, then the IQAC place the requirements before the Principal for approval and budget allocation.

Computer Facilities

Maintenance and upgradation of the IT facility is done by the Maintenance department. High performance Rail Wire server is provided to carry out administrative and teaching activities.