Research Areas

Department OF Pharmaceutics
  1. Solubility and stability enhancement

  2. Development of Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

  3. Nanomedicine and Drug Targeting

  4. Nanocarriers for Transdermal Application

Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry And Quality Assurance
  1. Design and development of potentially useful novel chemical entities.

  2. Structural characterization studies of synthetic moieties and phytoconstituents

  3. Phytochemical investigation of phytoconstituents

  4. Drug design using pharmacophore modeling, docking, virtual screening, QSAR (traditional and 3D) etc.

  5. Development of eco-friendly process chemistry.

  6. Quality by design

  7. Development of analytical methods and their validation for estimation of API in pharmaceutical dosage form

  8. Inorganic and organic qualitative & quantitative estimation

  9. Synthesis and profiling of impurities

  10. Bioanalytical method development

  11. Validation of equipment, process and cleaning method

Department Of Pharmacology
  1. Preclinical studies,

  2. Neuropharmacology

  3. Gastrointestinal pharmacology

  4. Preclinical toxicity and safety studies