Events Conducted

Research & Development
Short Term Training Programmes (Sponsored by AICTE and ISTE) :
Outcome based pedagogical methods for effective teaching-learning & accreditation 2020
Current Strategies in Targeted Drug Delivery 2013
Health Care Through Pharmacy Practice 2010
New Vistas in Herbal Drug Research 2007
Advances in Plant Drug Research 2006
Recent Advances in Pharmacy Practice 2006
Recent Trends in Herbal Drugs Technology 2000
Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Technology 1999
Faculty Up-dating Programme in Pharmacy 1998

Seminars, Conventions, Symposia :
Seminar on “Career awareness in pharmacovigilance & medical coding” 2020
International conference & exhibition [SPER 2019] on “Recent Paradigm and Innovations for the Safe and Efficacious Medicine” 2019
Deminar on “Handling High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography Instrument” 2019
National seminar on “Nanomedicines : Research Development & Future Prospects” 2013
National seminar on “Plasmid Based Gene Therapy” 2010
National Symposium on “Chromatography: An Important Tool for HerbalPharmaceutical Industry” 2009
National seminar on “Changing Scenario In Drug Delivery System” 2006
II National Convention of Indian Pharmaceutical Association – Education Division 1999
Maharashtra State level Symposium on Education Regulation – 1991 1992

Workshops :
IIPC workshorp on nanocarriars: An emerging platform for drug delivery 2013
IIPC workshorp on : Emerging Frontier in Cosmeceuticals 2013
IIPC Workshop on “Recent Trends in Drug Discovery” 2011
AICTE Workshop on “Safe Guarding Biosphere from Pollution” 2004
MUHS Nashik Workshop on “Syllabus Detailing” 2000
PCI Workshop for Working Pharmacists 2000
University Drama Workshop 1997
ISTE Workshop on “Total Quality Management in Education” 1995