Facilities :

Places Quantity
Laboratories 3
Pilot Plant 1
P. G. Laboratory 2
Instrument room 3
Aseptic room 1
Major Instruments/Machines : :

Air shower Ball mill Brookfield Viscometer
Automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine Deep Freezer Colloid Mill
Cone and plate viscometer Cooling centrifuge Cooling incubator
Double Cone Blender Fluidized bed dryer Grinding mill
High Speed Homogenizer Laminar flow apparatus Lyophilizer
JMass Mixer Mechanical agitator Multi Mill
Peristaltic pump Planetary Mixer MRheometer
Rotary flash evaporator Seive shaker Spray dryer
Stability chamber Sterility test unit Brookfield Viscometer
Tablet Machine 16 station R & D Tablet coater Tablet disintegration test apparatus
Tablet dissolution test apparatus Tablet friability tester Tablet hardness tester
Tap density apparatus Triple roller mill Turbidity meter
Water activity meter High speed homogenizer (Kinematica Polytron) Diffusion cell appratus

Infrastructure List

Pharmaceutics Laboratory-I (UG) (Area: 88.27 sq. mt.)

Pharmaceutics Laboratory-II (UG) (Area: 88.27 sq. mt.)

Pharmaceutics Laboratory (PG) (56.90 sq. mt.)

Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory (PG) (58.38 sq. mt.)

Pilot Plant (154.24 sq. mt)

Aseptic room (14.90 sq. mt.)