Admission Committee 2021-22

          Following is the constitution of the Admission Committee for Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses for the academic year 2021-22 for planning of admission, counseling and guiding to students and monitoring all admission related activities. The Committee comprise of the following.

Sr.No. Name of Member Role Mobile No. E. mail Id
1 Dr. R.O. Ganjiwale
I/c Principal
Chief- Coordinator 9890816170
2 Dr. L.G. Rathi
Associate Professor
Coordinator 9422144079
3 Dr. D.J. Singhavi
Assistant Professor
Member 7972766978
4 Dr. N.A. Karande
Assistant Professor
Member 9403367335
5 Ms. S.P. Gautam
Assistant Professor
Member 9960988313
6 Dr. B.R. Gandhare
Associate Professor
Member 7972923177
7 Mr. A.J. Deshmukh
Assistant Professor
Member 9028666065
8 Dr. D.M. Awari
Assistant Professor
Member 8796583573
9 Mr. N.J. Sontakke
Lab Technician
Member 8806358417
10 Mr. V.M. Dahiwalkar
Lab Technician
Member 9970866253
11 Mr. P.B. Ankar
Lab Technician
Member 9890606810
12 Mr. S.D. Dharpure
Lab Technician
Member 9922085609
13 Mr. N.K. Tapre
Member 8308679099
14 Mr. P.R. Tale
Member 9960843755
15 Mr. N.W. Deode
Member 8600554035 --
16 Mr. S.G. Zade
Member 9975550671 --